Main rollup

Multi Object Mode

Determines the modifier behavior when it is applied to many objects at the same time:

  • Process Together – UV maps of all objects will be packed together in a single packing run to the same UV space
  • Process Separately – UV map of every object will be packed to its own space, in a separate packing run. In this mode the plugin will perform as many packing runs as the number of selected objects.
Display UVs

Show a window with a render of the:

  • Orig – original UVs
  • Aligned – aligned UVs, if available
  • Packed – packed UVs, if available.
Discard UVs

Discard UVs:

  • Aligned
  • Packed
Align Similar UVsAlign UV islands having similar shape so they stacked on top of one another.
Pack UVsRun a packing operation.
Render ResultShow a window with a render of the resulting UV map after every packing run. The plugin operation is suspended as long as the window is opened – the user must close the window in order to continue.
Always Show SummaryWhen enabled, the plugin will show a summary after every operation. If disabled, a summary will be shown only if an error or warning occurred.
Save PresetSave all packer options to a file.
Open PresetLoad all packer options from a file.
Reset To DefaultsReset all packer options to default settings.
Copy From PreviousCopy all packer options from the previous UVPackmaster modifier on the stack.

Packing Devices rollup

Use All DevicesIf this option is enabled, the add-on will use all packing devices simultaneously whenever possible.

Basic Options rollup

Map ChannelChoose the UV channel which will be processed by the plugin.
Thread CountChoose the maximal number of CPU cores which will be used by the plugin. By default this parameter is set to the number of cores in the system.
MarginMargin to apply during packing.
PrecisionNumber describing how exact the algorithm will be when searching for the island placement. Too low value may cause islands to overlap.
Rotation EnableAllow the packer to rotate islands in order to achieve better result.
Pre-Rotation DisableDisable the initial rotation of islands before generating other orientations. The pre-rotation operation usually optimizes packing, use this option only if you have a good reason.
Rotation StepRotation step (in degrees) to use when generating island orientations which will be considered during packing.
SetSet predefined value of the Rotation Step (in degrees).

Advanced Options rollup

Selection Mode

Determines how the plugin processes UV selection:

  • All UVs – the plugin always packs all UVs (UV selection is ignored)
  • Selected UVs – only the selected UVs are processed by the packer, non-selected UVs are ignored
  • Pack To Others – selected UVs are packed so they do not overlap with non-selected UVs. Using this mode the user can add new islands to existing packing.
Packing Mode

Select how the packer should process the UV map:

  • Single Tile – standard packing to a single tile
  • Tiles – pack islands to tiles
  • Groups Together – group islands using the Grouping Method parameter. Pack all groups into a single tile, islands belonging to the same group will be neighbors after packing. For some UV layouts it is required to use the Heuristic Search option in order to obtain a decent result in this mode
  • Groups To Tiles – group islands using the Grouping Method parameter. Pack every group into a separate tile.
Tile CountSpecify the number of tiles which will be used during packing. If set to 0, then the number of tiles is unlimited.
Tiles In RowWhen packing to tiles, this parameter determines the number of UDIM tiles in a single tile row.
Fixed ScaleDo not scale islands during packing. Packer will return an error if UV islands can’t fit into the packing box.
Fixed Scale Strategy

Determines how islands are packed when Fixed Scale is on (no scaling is applied to islands):

  • Bottom-Top
  • Left-Right
  • Square
Normalize IslandsAutomatically scale selected islands before packing so that the average texel density is the same for every island. WARNING: if lock overlapping is enabled, then normalization takes place AFTER overlapping islands are locked.
Similarity ThresholdA greater value of this parameter means islands will be more likely recognized as a similar in shape. A lower value means more accurate distinction.

Pixel Margin rollup

Pixel MarginMargin in pixels the packed UV islands should have. If this parameter is set to a value greater than 0, then the usual Margin option will be ignored and the packer will determine the correct pixel margin.
Pixel PaddingDistance in pixels between UV islands and the packing box border. This option is disabled and ignored if set to 0 – in such a case the distance will be determined by the island margin.

Select a method the packer will use to determine proper pixel margin:

  • Adjustment Time (Recommended) – determine an appropriate pixel margin by running an algorithm for a time specified by the Adjustemt Time parameter. This method gives exact results in a short time in most cases.
  • Iterative – This method is guaranteed to always give the exact pixel margin, but it requres a number of iterations to be performed and ususally gives slightly worse coverage than the Adjustment Time method. Use the Iterative method only if you cannot get good margin results with the Adjustemt Time method, despite setting longer adjustemnt times. Because the Iterative method gives sightly worse coverage, it is recommended to always combine this option with the Heuristic Search functionality.
Adjustment Time (s)The time in seconds packer will spend on determining an appropriate pixel margin before actual packing begins. This parameter is only used if the Pixel Margin parameter is greater than 0.

Grouping Options rollup

Grouping Method

Grouping method to use:

  • Material
  • Object
  • Mesh Part
  • Similarity
  • UDIM Tile
  • Material ID
Grouping CompactnessA value from 0 to 1 specifying to what extent the packer should prefer solutions providing more compact grouping when packing groups together. A lower value means the packer will put less effort into achieving compact grouping, but at the same time it will prioritize achieving better coverage of the overall packing. With a greater value of the parameter, groups will be packed more compactly, but the coverage of the entire solution might be worse. WARNING: use this parameter with care – a small increase of its value might considerably change the result you will get.

Locking Options rollup

Lock Overlapping

Treat overlapping islands as a single island:

  • Disabled – overlapping islands won’t be locked
  • Any Part – two islands will be locked together if the distance between them in the UV space is lower than the value of the Lock Distance parameter. In particular, if Lock Distance is set to 0, then two islands will be locked if and only if they have any overlapping parts.
  • Exact – two islands will be locked together only if they have the same bounding boxes in the UV space and have identical area.
Lock DistanceThis parameter is only used when Lock Overlapping Mode is set to Any Part. It specifies the maximal distance in the UV space below which two islands will be locked together. If Lock Distance is set to 0, then two islands will be locked if and only if they have any part overlapping.
Lock Islands By Material IDLock isladns assigned to the same, non-default Material ID together (relative position of the islands assigned to the same ID will be maintained during packing, even if they don’t overlap). Islands assigned to the default Material ID (one) won’t be locked with any other island – the user has to assign the islands to an ID other than one, in order to lock them together.

Heuristic rollup

Enable HeuristicPerform multiple packing iterations in order to find the optimal result.
Search Time (s)Specify the time in seconds for the heuristic search. After timeout is reached, the packer will stop and the best result will be applied to the UV map. If the time is set to 0, the packer will perfrom the search continuously until the user manually applies the result by pressing ESC.
Max Wait Time (s)Maximum time in seconds the packer will wait for a better result. If the heuristic algorithm is not able to find a tighter packing during that time, the operation will be automatically finished and the best result found up to that point will be applied to the UV map. If set to 0, then this functionality will be disabled.
Advanced HeuristicUse an advanced method during a heuristic search. With this option enabled the add-on will examine a broader set of solutions when searching for the optimal one. This method is most useful when packing a relatively small number of islands, preferably with a greater number of orientations considered – in such a case it allows to find a better solution than if using the simple method. Enabling this option is not recommended when packing a UV map containing a greater number of islands.

Texture Dimensions rollup

Lock DimensionsLock the Texture Height value so that it is always equal to the Texture Width value.
Texture WidthSet the texture width for which to pack a UV map.
Texture HeightSet the texture height for which to pack a UV map.
Adjust UV Map To TextureAdjust islands proportions to a non-square UV map before packing. Press the help button to learn more.

Packing Box rollup

Tile (X, Y)X and Y coordinates of a tile to be set.
Set TileSet packing box to a UDIM tile as defined by the Tile (X, Y) parameter.
Corner 1/2X and Y coordinates of the packing box corners.