UVPackmaster 2 is an efficient UV packing engine available as a command line tool.

The engine can be used in Blender with the UVPackmaster add-on (for Blender 2.8x – 2.9x). IMPORTANT: in order to run the engine in Blender follow the setup guide.

For a general discussion regarding UVP visit a thread on the Blender Artists forum.

Get UVPackmaster for Blender

The engine is available on gumroad:

The engine can also be purchased on BLENDER MARKET (both editions). Check the table below to learn more about differences between the two editions.

User reviews

  • I bought the pro edition here a couple weeks back, and I have to say, it’s a brilliant add-on. It’s quick, easy to use, produces excellent results, and saves me from the freakishly boring exercise in tedium that is UV packing – Renzatic (source)

  • The best UV packer ever – Tosky (source)

  • I just bought the UV Packmaster. Wow Wow wow. Super easy, barely an inconvenience. Wish I had bought it much sooner. Thanks sooo much for a great add-on – Mark06GT (source)

97% 5-star ratings on gumroad:

Free updates

By purchasing the UVPackmaster engine you get a lifetime license to use it. You also get access to all future updates of UVPackmaster 2 for free. We continuously work to improve the engine and you can expect a lot of great updates in the future. Read the release notes to learn more about all improvements we have incorporated into the product over the past months.

Packer editions

The packer is available in two editions: Standard (with limited features) and Professional (fully featured). The differences between editions are depicted in the table below:

efficient UV packing algorithm
UV islands area measurement
overlapping UV islands detection
heuristic search algorithm
packing for a non-square texture
add new UV islands into existing packing
select/align UV islands of a similar shape
accurate pixel margin calculation
packing to a custom UV area rectangle
overlapping UV islands lock
grouping UV islands
UDIM support
advanced heuristic algorithm
UV map validation
defining rotation step on a per UV island basis
packing on GPU*
heuristic search on all devices simultaneously (CPU and all GPUs)*

* available on Windows and Linux

The demo edition is available for free. It has all capabilities of the professional edition, but the packing result is rendered in a separate window – it is NOT applied to the UV map. You can download the demo from the Downloads page.

Packer options

For a detailed list of the options provided by the packer visit this page.

Upgrade note

If you have already bought any UVPackmaster license (including UVPackmaster 1) and want to upgrade to a more expensive license, you only have to pay the difference between the new license price and the price you originally paid. Send us an e-mail at with an update request and we will send you back a discount code.

Supported platforms

Platform Version Notes
Windows 64-bit Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable must be installed.
Linux 64-bit Distribution should satisfy VFXplatform CY2020 requirements. If you are not sure about this, simply download the demo version of the packer and verify whether packing works on your distribution.
Mac 64-bit OS X 10.11 or higher No specific requirements. Packing on GPU is not supported on Mac systems.