Packing Devices panel

Use All DevicesPROIf this option is enabled, the add-on will use all packing devices simultaneously whenever possible.

Basic Options panel

Thread CountSTANDARD
Choose the maximum number of CPU cores which will be used by the plugin. By default this parameter is set to the number of cores available in the system.
Margin to apply during packing.
Number describing how exact the algorithm will be when searching for island’s placement. A value that is too low will cause the islands to overlap.
Rotation EnableSTANDARD
Allow the packer to rotate islands in order to achieve better results.
Pre-Rotation DisableSTANDARD
Disable the initial rotation of islands before generating other orientations. The pre-rotation operation usually optimizes packing, therefore you should only use this option if you have a good reason to do so.
Rotation StepSTANDARD
Rotation step (in degrees) to use when generating island orientations which will be considered during packing.
Automatic UV Pre-ValidationPROAutomatically validate the UV map before packing. If any invalid UV face is found during validation, packing will be aborted and the given UV faces will be selected. WARNING: enabling this option may increase the packing initialization time for UV maps with a high number of faces, so use it with care.


Advanced Options panel

Packing ModeDepends on the value

Determines how the packer processes the UV map:

  • Single Tile – standard packing to a single tile – STANDARD, PRO.
  • Tiles – pack islands to tiles – PRO.
  • Groups Together (Experimental) – group islands using the Grouping Method parameter. Pack all groups into a single tile. Islands belonging to the same group will be neighbors after packing. For some UV layouts it is required to use the Heuristic Search option in order to obtain a decent result in this mode – PRO.
  • Groups To Tiles – group islands using the Grouping Method parameter. Pack every group into a separate tile – PRO.
Tile CountPROSpecify the number of tiles which will be used during packing. If set to 0, then the number of tiles is unlimited.
Tiles In RowPROWhen packing to tiles, this parameter determines the number of UDIM tiles in a single tile row.
Grouping MethodPRO

Grouping method to use:

  • Material
  • Similarity
  • Mesh Part
  • Object
  • Manual
Grouping CompactnessPROA value from 0 to 1 specifying how much the packer should prefer solutions providing more compact grouping, when packing groups together. A lower value means the packer will dedicate less effort to achieve compact grouping, but at the same time it will prioritize achieving better coverage of the overall packing. With a greater value of the parameter, groups will be packed more compactly, but the coverage of the entire solution might be worse. WARNING: use this parameter with care – a small increase of its value might considerably change the result you will get.
Do not scale islands during packing. Packer will return an error if UV islands can’t fit into the packing box.
Normalize IslandsSTANDARD
Automatically scale selected islands before packing so that the average texel density is the same for every island.
Pack To OthersSTANDARD
Pack selected islands such that they do not overlap with unselected islands. Using this mode you can add new islands into a packed UV map.
Lock Overlapping ModePRO

Treat overlapping islands as a single island:

  • Disabled – overlapping islands won’t be locked.
  • Any Part – two islands will be locked together only if they overlap by any part.
  • Exact – two islands will be locked together only if they have the same bounding boxes in the UV space and have identical area.
Similarity ThresholdSTANDARD
A greater value of this parameter means islands will be more likely recognized as having similar shape.
Pixel MarginSTANDARD
Margin in pixels the packed UV islands should have. If this parameter is set to a value greater than 0, then the usual Margin option will be ignored and the packer will determine the correct pixel margin.
Pixel PaddingSTANDARD
Distance in pixels between UV islands and the packing box border. This option is disabled and ignored if set to 0 – in this case the distance will be determined by the island margin.
Pixel Margin MethodSTANDARD

The method the packer will use to determine an appropriate pixel margin:

  • Adjustment Time – determine an appropriate pixel margin by running an algorithm for a time specified by the Adjustemt Time parameter. In most cases, this method gives the exact results in a short time.
  • Iterative – this method guarantees to always determine the exact pixel margin, but it requires a number of iterations to be performed and usually gives slightly worse coverage than the Adjustment Time method. Use the Iterative method only in rare cases when you cannot get good margin results with the Adjustemt Time method, despite setting longer adjustment times.
Adjustment TimeSTANDARD
Time in seconds the packer will spend on determining an appropriate pixel margin. Time set to 1 second will suffice in most cases. Increase this parameter only if you don’t get the exact result for a specific UV map. This parameter is only used if the pixel margin method is set to Adjustment Time.
Texture SizeSTANDARD
Texture size in pixels used for pixel margin calculation. If the Use Texture Ratio option is enabled, then this property is ignored and the dimensions of the active texture are used to calculate the pixel margin.

Heuristic panel

Option Edition Description
Enable Heuristic STANDARD
Perform multiple packing iterations in order to find the optimal result.
Search Time STANDARD
Specify the time in seconds in which to perform a heuristic search. After the time expires, the packer will stop and the best result will be applied to the UV map. If the time is set to 0 the packer will perform the search continuously, until the user enforces the application of the result by pressing ESC.
Max Wait Time STANDARD
Maximum time the packer will wait for a better result. If the heuristic algorithm is unable to find a tighter packing during that time, the operation will cease and the best result found up to that point will be applied to the UV map. If set to 0, this functionality will be disabled.
Advanced Heuristic PRO Use an advanced method during a heuristic search. With this option enabled the add-on will examine a broader set of solutions when searching for the optimal one. This method is the most useful when packing a limited number of islands – such a case it allows a better solution to be found than when using the simple method. Enabling this option is not recommended when packing a UV map containing a significant number of islands.

Non-Square Packing panel

Use Texture RatioSTANDARD
Take into consideration the ratio of the active texture dimensions during packing.

Packing Box panel

Only Islands Fully InsideSTANDARD
Only process islands which are fully inside the packing box.
Move Box With IslandsSTANDARD
Move the packing box together with selected islands inside.
Packing Box P1 (X)STANDARD
X coordinate of the box first corner
Packing Box P1 (Y)STANDARD
Y coordinate of the box first corner
Packing Box P2 (X)STANDARD
X coordinate of the box second corner
Packing Box P2 (Y)STANDARD
Y coordinate of the box second corner

Island Rotation Step panel

Enable Island Rotation StepPROEnable per-island rotation step.
Rotation Step ValuePRORotation step value (in degress) to be set for the selected islands.

Manual Grouping panel

Group NumberPROManually assign a group number to the selected islands.

Lock Groups panel

Enable Lock Groups
PROManually specify which islands will be locked together during packing.
Lock Group NumberPROLock group number to be assigned to the selected islands