Blender Edition Documentation 3.2.1

UVPackmaster logo

User Interface

The UVPackmaster UI is located in the N-panel of the UV editor, in the UVPackmaster3 tab:

UVPackmaster UI location in Blender

The UVPackmaster UI is split into a set of multi panels:

You choose which multi panels to show by using toggles on the left in the UVPackmaster3 tab. Every toggle drives a single multi panel. You can press a toggle with Shift in order to enable more than one multi panel at a given moment. Contents of currently selected multi panels are displayed in the main column of the UVPackmaster3 tab.

Multi panels

Icon Name Description
Utilities Provides a set of useful tools which are always displayed on the very top of the tab, if the multi panel is enabled.
Packing Provides UV packing functionalities of UVPackmaster.
Aligning Provides UV aligning (stacking) functionalities of UVPackmaster.
Grouping Editor Provides tools exclusively dedicated to defining and tuning island grouping schemes.
Other Tools Miscellaneous tools which do not suit to any other category.
Statistics Shows the statistics of the last packing operation.
Add-on Options Displays the global properties of the UVPackmaster add-on.

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