UVPackmaster 3 Addon For Blender

  • uvpackmaster3-addon-3.2.6-u1.zip – the latest UVPackmaster add-on version for Blender 2.8x – 4.x, required to integrate the UVPackmaster engine with Blender. In order to use UVPackmaster packing features in Blender using this add-on, you need to purchase an engine package separately. Read the setup guide for details.
  • uvpackmaster3-addon-3.2.5-u1.zip – for the Humble Bundle users only. If you purchased UVPackmaster through the Humble Bundle, we recommend you to use this updated addon version 3.2.5 (note the u1 suffix) – it adds supports for Blender 4.2. Use this version instead of the original addon version provided by the bundle.

UVPackmaster 2 DEMO

UVPackmaster 3 DEMO version is going to be released soon. Until it happens, you can try UVPackmaster 2 DEMO for free to get an idea of algorithm efficiency.

The UVPackmaster 2 DEMO version provides all functionalities of UVPackmaster 2 PRO (including GPU-accelerated packing) but it doesn’t apply the result to the UV map, only renders it in a separate window.

In order to set up the demo in Blender, download the files:

and follow the setup guide (use the Installer method for Windows and the General method for other systems).