Pack thousands of UV islands in seconds on the CPU. Pack even faster with Cuda GPU acceleration!

Efficient processing of a huge number of UV islands.
Use the CPU and all GPUs simultaneously to perform the operation (GPU packing available on Windows and Linux).

Ultimate tool for advanced UDIM scenarios: split UV islands into any number of named groups

Pack all groups with a single click with full control over:
target UV boxes for each group • relative texel density • group packing order (groups may be packed on the top of each other)

Not only for UV packing – UVPackmaster is now also an advanced UV stacking tool!

Stack UV islands with:

vertex position correction • automatic scale adjustment • orientation awareness in the 3D space  control over island priority

Many similar islands with slightly different vertex positions.
Islands stacked by UVPackmaster with perfect vertex matching.

Orient UVs automatically according to their orientation in the 3D space

Prioritize UV islands: assign scale multipliers on a per-island basis to be applied during packing

Run a heuristic search to find the maximally-dense packing

Iterate on the CPU and all GPUs in the system simultaneously to find the best possible packing in a second!

Single iteration: 78% coverage.
After 1 second of iterating: 85% coverage.

Optionally allow mixing relative island scales during a search in order to maximize UV space coverage

Lock stacked UV islands. They will be packed together - not split during packing

Similar islands can be automatically stacked using UVPackmaster aligning tools.
The stacked islands were packed together (not split).

Assign arbitrary islands to lock groups. Their relative positions will be maintained during packing

Assign specific islands to numbered lock groups before packing.
Relative positions of grouped islands were maintained.

Assign islands to stack groups. They will be automatically stacked before packing and packed together

Make a set of islands track the trasformation of other islands during the packing operation

Add new islands to an existing packing. UVPackmaster will find the best possible scale to fit new islands

Pack a single UV map to many tiles. Always with maximum density!

Pack UV groups to the same UV space so that islands belonging to the same group are neighbors

Define rotations on a per-island basis

Specify a rotation step angle for particular islands before packing.
Islands with the rotation step angle set to 0 were not rotated during packing.

Pack with the exact pixel margin and padding

Pack for a non-square texture

Pack islands to an arbitrary box in the UV space

Run a custom set of scripts (optionally group-based) before and after every pack operation

Full freedom of operation adjustment thanks to the scriptable architecture!

UVPackmaster 3 now comes with embedded Python for the most demanding users

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