Use the powerful features of UVPackmaster in your own application for free!

You can use the UVPackmaster SDK Standard edition for free, for any purpose – non-profit as well as commercial, for an unlimited number of end users!

The SDK provides a C++ shared library for Windows 64 bit and Linux 64-bit, which you can link with your own application through a well-defined interface.

SDK editions

SDK is available in two editions: Standard and Professional. Read the table below to learn more about differences between the editions.

Efficient CPU UV packing algorithm. Available for free! Fully-featured, efficient CPU and GPU
UV packing algorithm
efficient UV packing algorithm
UV islands area measurement
overlapping UV islands detection
heuristic search algorithm
packing for a non-square texture
add new UV islands into existing packing
select/align UV islands of a similar shape
accurate pixel margin calculation
packing to a custom UV area rectangle
overlapping UV islands lock
grouping UV islands
UDIM support
advanced heuristic algorithm
UV map validation
defining rotation step on a per UV island basis
packing on GPU
heuristic search on all devices simultaneously (CPU and all GPUs)
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Test all UVPackmaster features

Would you like to easily test all UVPackmaster features for free? Go to the Downloads page and download a demo UVPackmaster 2 version for Blender (no login required). The SDK provides the same features as the demo version.


To learn more about the SDK interface and see a sample application code read the documentation.