Since the beginning of the project, one of the main rules we follow is that the user doesn’t have to pay twice for the same thing. It means that when a user wants to make an upgrade to a more expensive license, they only need to pay the difference between the new license price and the price they originally paid.

In fact, our UVPackmaster 3 upgrade policy is even more beneficial for the users. Every owner of a UVPackmaster 2 PRO license is entitled to upgrade to a UVPackmaster 3 PRO Single User license for a flat rate of $9 (regardless of how much they paid for the UVPackmaster 2 license). It is a nod mainly towards the users who purchased UVPackmaster 2 PRO after a short time when it was first released (it was much less expensive then). Thank you for supporting our project at the time when it wasn’t as mature as it is now!

Please keep in mind that this special offer is for a limited time only. The price is likely to be increased as we will be adding new functionalities to the tool (as was the case for UVPackmaster 2). Do not hesitate to upgrade now if you want to guarantee yourself the lowered upgrade price for a UVPackmaster 3 lifetime license.

For all other upgrade combinations (for example: upgrading from a UVPackmaster 2 STANDARD license or upgrading to a UVPackmaster 3 PRO Studio license), the usual rules apply – the cost of upgrade is the difference between the new license price and the price the user originally paid.