Release 2.0.7

  • fix occasional packer crashes
  • tweak the UV validation feature

Release 2.1.0

  • add the Search On All Devices option
  • add the Pixel Margin option
  • add Mesh Parts and Object island grouping methods
  • bug fixes

Release 2.2.0

  • add the Packing Box option
  • add the Pack To UDIM Tiles grouping mode
  • add per-island rotation step

Release 2.2.5

  • add the Pack To Tiles (Fixed Scale) packing mode
  • add the Heuristic Search Time parameter

Release 2.2.6

  • improve the rendering results in the demo version
  • bug fixes

Release 2.2.7

  • add the Pixel Padding option

Release 2.3.0

  • support Pack To Others with scaling
  • support packing to tiles with scaling
  • add a manual grouping method

Release 2.3.1

  • hotfix for the Align Similar functionality
  • add buttons for moving the packing box to a neighboring tile
  • performance optimizatins for new modes

Release 2.3.2

  • new add-on operators: Split Overlapping IslandsUndo Island SplitAdjust Scale To Unselected
  • add an option to select/deselect all islands inside the packing box
  • add an option to move the packing box together with islands inside
  • clamp the packing box to tile boundaries during drawing

Release 2.3.5

  • improved operation status reporting
  • display the best result during a heuristic search in real time
  • add the Max Wait Time parameter
  • add different modes for the Lock Overlapping functionality
  • add Pack To Others and Fixed Scale support in the Groups To Tiles packing mode
  • add an option to select the pixel margin determination method
  • improve the display of manual groups
  • add an option to select/deselect all islands assigned to a given manual group

Release 2.4.0

  • updated naming convention of the product files
  • performance improvements of the CPU packing algorithm
  • reimplementation of the Groups Together packing mode
  • add the Grouping Compactness parameter
  • similarity detection improvements
  • non-interactive mode to simplify calling UVP from an external script
  • Python interface improvements and tweaks
  • heuristic algorithm tweaks
  • bug fixes

Release 2.4.2

  • performance improvements of the GPU packing algorithm

Release 2.4.3

  • bug fixes

Release 2.4.4

  • add the Normalize Islands parameter
  • improve invalid topology reporting

Release 2.4.5

  • add support for Lock Groups
  • add the UDIM Tile grouping mode

Release 2.5.0

  • add the Fixed Scale Strategy parameter
  • add support for heuristic search when the Fixed Scale mode is enabled
  • bug fixes

Release 2.5.2

  • add native support for RTX 30xx GPUs
  • add the Assign Islands To Free Lock Group operation
  • topology analysis improvements
  • fix for Split Overlapping Islands
  • fix for the Normalize Islands option
  • performance improvements

Release 2.5.6

  • add compatibility with Blender 2.93

Release 2.5.8

  • a fix for the Fixed Scale mode
  • other minor fixes