Blender Edition Documentation 3.2.5

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Packing To Others

Watch the following part of the tutorial for an introduction to the functionality:

Every time a packing mode is selected in the Main Mode selection menu, the addon will display two buttons:

  • Pack
  • Pack To Others

By pressing the Pack button, you instruct the packer to perform a standard packing operation: the selected UV islands are packed as determined by the logic of the currently selected packing mode.

On the other hand, when you press the Pack To Others button, the logic of the operation will be different: the selected UV islands will be packed in such a way that they will not overlap the unselected UV islands. The operation will still follow the logic of the currently selected packing mode.

If you don’t want specific UVs to be used during an operation at all when using the Pack To Others variant, then you should hide these UVs in Blender before running the operation.

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