UVPackmaster SDK 2.5.8 - Documentation

C++ shared library for Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit


The main class of the packer used to execute operations on UV maps. Exactly one instance of this object must be created to execute a single operation. After the operation is done, the object is not usable anymore and should be destroyed. A new object must be created to execute another operation.


UvpOperationT(const UvpOperationInputT& uvpInput)
Constructor of a UvpOperationT object.
  • const UvpOperationInputT& uvpInput - an object carrying all parameters of the operation to execute.
Start actual execution of the operation. This method won’t return until the operation is done, so it must be called from a different thread, if you don’t want your application to be blocked.
Parameters: none
Return value:
  • UVP_ERRORCODE - a return code specifying whether the operation was successful.
void cancel()
Send a signal to the packer that it should stop further execution. This method only sends a signal and returns immediately - in particular returning from this method doesn’t indicate that the packer already stopped the operation. After executing the cancel method you can expect that the call to the entry method will return in a very short time (possibly with the return code set to CANCELLED).
Parameters: none
Return value: none
Last updated on 10 Dec 2020
Published on 10 Dec 2020

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