UVPackmaster SDK 2.5.8 - Documentation

C++ shared library for Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit


Object of this class represents a single UV face in a UV map.


IdxT m_FaceId
The application might initialize this field with its native face identifier. It allows to easily define a mapping between UV faces in m_pFaceArray and faces in the native application format. This field is not internally used by the packer, but the validate method will check whether two UV faces in m_pFaceArray don’t have a duplicated value of this field. If the application doesn’t need to use this field, it may simply initialize m_FaceId with the index of the given UV face in m_pFaceArray.
IdxArrayT m_Verts
An array of indices to m_pVertArray defining UV vertices which form the given UV face
FaceFlagsT m_InputFlags
A set of flags providing additional information about the given UV face.
IslandIntParamsArrayT m_IntParams
Allows to specify additional parameters on a per-island basis. Read the Island parameters section for more information.
Last updated on 10 Dec 2020
Published on 10 Dec 2020

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