UVPackmaster SDK 2.5.8 - Documentation

C++ shared library for Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit

Supported features

Different packer editions support different sets of features. The application can detect in runtime what features are supported by the SDK edition it is currently linked to by examining m_FeatureArray field of a UvpVersionMessageT message returned by a Report version operation. If m_FeatureArray doesn’t contain a code describing a given feature, it means that the feature is not supported in the given packer edition.

Some fileds of the UvpOperationInputT class can only be used by the application if an appropriate feature code is reported by the packer in a UvpVersionMessageT message (check Required feautre code remarks in the UvpOperationInputT field list). If the application use a field which is not supported by the given packer edition, then the result is undefined.

Some packing devices are only supported by certain packer editions (every edition supports the CPU device though). The application may verify whether a given device is supported by checking the m_Supported field of the device descriptors reported by the packer in m_DeviceDescArray.

Last updated on 10 Dec 2020
Published on 10 Dec 2020

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