UVPackmaster SDK 2.5.8 - Documentation

C++ shared library for Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit


Object of this class represents a single UV vertex in a UV map.


IdxT m_ControlId
An integer value which is internally ignored by the packer, so the application may initialize it according to its needs. In particular this field might be used when building m_pVertArray in order to distinguish two UV vertices which have the same UV coordinates, but correspond to two different 3D vertices. Check the Sample application code for a usage example - it initializes the m_ControlId field with an index of the corresponding 3d vertex in order to avoid duplicated vertices in a UV face.
Vector2T m_UvCoords
UV coordinates of the given UV vertex. This field must always be initialized by the application.
Vector3T m_Vert3dCoords
3d coordinates of the 3d vertex corresponding to the given UV vertex. Currently this field is only used when m_NormalizeIslands parameter is set to true. Otherwise it is ignored by the packer, hence it doesn’t have to be initialized by the application.
Last updated on 10 Dec 2020
Published on 10 Dec 2020

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